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A Dozen Roses and A Broken Heart

They go through each day
hardly talk to each other.
They'd be better off alone
or being loved by another.

Halfheartedly sent her flowers
but never called her on the phone
Didn't really matter
Cuz there was no one home.

Somehow, some way a long time ago
their passionate fire died to barely a glow.

Now all she has is a world of hurt
and all she can feel is the pain
All she wants is to walk away,
to try really living again.
Maybe if she says a prayer
she'll be strong and not fall apart,
and just walk away and leave behind
a dozen roses and a broken heart.

He slept beside her in their bed,
but she still felt so lonely.
All she ever wanted was to be his love
and be his one and only.

Now the passion they felt so long ago
Is not even an ember's glow

So she's walkin’ away from all the hurt
And she's leavin’ behind all the pain
Not sure where she's headed now
Got nothing to lose ‘n all to gain.
She's said her prayer
No more 'til death do us part
And she's walkin’ away and leavin’ behind
a dozen roses and a broken heart.

What made her wait so long?
What made her want to stay?
Why did it take her so long to see
he'd left her on their wedding day?

(repeat 2nd chorus)

Yeah, she's walkin’ away and leavin’ behind

A dozen roses and a broken heart.

Copyright © 2006 by Jace Carlton

All International Rights Reserved.
No part may be reproduced in any form without written permission.

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Copyright © 2006-2014, Jace Carlton.  All International Rights Reserved.