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"I get by with a little help from my friends"
(Lennon / McCartney)

Throughout my life I've been so richly blessed by so many people and in so many ways.  It's hard to know where to begin, but I'll do my best.  The following appear in no particular order for they are ALL of equal importance to me.

Mary Ann Kennedy - my awesome mentor!  Thank you for enthusiastically believing in me, my talents and gifts, and for being such an awesome mentor.  I'm truly blessed by your friendship, inspiration and guidance.  Thank you for your words of wisdom and your patience with my constant re-writes.  You're AWESOME, Mary Ann!  -  I have a very special place in my heart for Mary Ann.  Six years before we met in person I had "met" her in a book I was reading and knew that I just had to meet her and work with her.  That opportunity arrived in August 2004.  She's written some of my most favorite songs, including Restless Heart's "I'll Still Be Loving You".

James Odle, Jr. - my favorite collaborator!  (we're twin brothers from different mothers) Thanks for being such a great friend and my best collaborator.  See ya in Nashville, Bro!  "And the HITS just keep on comin'!"  (James and I have a NEW venture we're collaborating on and the details will be revealed on this site very soon!!!)

Steve Seskin - Singer / Songwriter / Friend and Mentor - Steve and I have become good friends through West Coast Songwriters.  I've studied closely with him and he's a very encouraging mentor.  Gold and Platinum plaques on his walls attest to his success as one of the best country songwriters NOT living in Nashville.  It CAN be done!

Mickey Newbury - Words cannot express what his influence has meant to me.  I'm so grateful for the opportunity I had to meet him and see him perform so many times, letting me photograph and interview him for a freelance article, being such a great inspiration, and from the very first moment we talked he treated me like a long lost friend.  I'm just sorry we never had the chance to write together before he was called Home.  "I Came To Hear The Music" and he saved me with such "Sweet Memories".

Jason Blume - Thanks for your friendship over the years and across the miles, for accepting my book reviews for what they are ... the truth! ... and for taking the time to "show me the ropes" and giving me a personal tour of Music Row!

Susan Tucker - Your book, "The Soul of a Writer", inspired me to return to songwriting after too many years away, and thank you for giving my thoughts on the craft, the business and the world of songwriting a voice in your e-Zine, The Songwriter's Connection.  I credit you with the opportunity I had of finally connecting with Mary Ann.  I saw her in your book, read what she had to say to your questions, and knew that one day I just HAD to meet her.  Little did I realize then that she would become my mentor and such a special friend.  Thanks, Susan!!

Pamela Phillips Oland - Our meeting was truly destiny.  I learned so much from you that morning and your enthusiastic support since then means everything to me.  Best of luck on your new ventures!

Chely Wright - I may have been the one who won the chance to have my photo taken with you before your concert at The Saddle Rack, but you made my night before you even sang a note after we were introduced and your face lit up and you said, "Jace Carlton?  I KNOW that name!"  Thanks for ALL of the autographs!  Keep the music comin'!

Kiera - my Muse!  Please keep whispering ... and I'll keep writing!

Rod McKuen - "Stanyan Street and Other Sorrows" took my own poetry to a whole new level!  And your recordings "The Sea" and "For Lovers" were responsible for SO many new ideas for me, not to mention many very romantic nights. 

I want to also thank my wife, Kathi, and our awesome family for your never-ending love and support over the years as I've worked towards my dreams, and I hope in some way I've been an inspiration to you to go for yours!  I could not have done this, nor continue to do this, without your love.  I love you and thank you with all of my heart.

To my parents, Jim & Dorothy ... I know you're cheering me on from Heaven just as you always cheered me on and stood by my side while you were here, allowing me to stumble and pick myself back up to try again.  You gave me the foundation of love and support that I could begin to build my dreams on.  Mom, your love of music began this incredible journey for me, and Dad ... thanks for the guitar!  It was the answer to more prayers and dreams than you could ever have imagined!  Because of both of you I've had so many doors opened to me that would have remained closed and hidden.  Thank you ... I love you!  I'm keeping my promise!

And finally, there is One who needs no introduction ... He's always been there for me and I know He always will be.  We've walked together and we've talked together and I pray I'll do Him proud.  I'm grateful that I listened to that still small voice that so long ago whispered, "Write and the world will read.  Sing and play and the world will listen."  I know that I'm merely the messenger and along the way I've been so blessed.  Thank you!

God bless you all!

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