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The following commentary appeared in the November 2002 edition of
The Songwriter's Connection.
Minor changes have recently been made.


"Do It NOW !"
Living with PASSION and PURPOSE !!!!!
Jace Carlton

I started writing my November review a couple of weeks ago and promised Susan that I’d have it ready on time.  Then something happened the other day that shook my world, so the article I was writing will wait until next month.  What I have to say can’t wait.

I normally review books and concerts, but occasionally I offer my two cents worth about a subject that’s on my mind, and this month, at this moment, I have a pound of gold to share with you.

When I get personal I run the title “Up Close and Personal” because my thoughts are coming from a very intimate place, deep in my heart.  This month it’s especially deep and very personal, so listen up.  I hope I don’t come across as preachy, because if you could hear the voice behind these words they’d be coming at you full of compassion and sincerity.  This is for me just as much as it is for you.

A good friend of mine sent me a quote a few days ago, and that quote, coupled with something that happened just 48 hours prior to my writing this, has changed something deep inside of me.

What if you just decided?
What if you just chose?
What if you could just have your life exactly as you want it?
What if you could just do it now?


We don’t have time to wait any longer.  If we’re not already following and living our passion we have to push every obstacle aside, get our priorities in order (can’t mess those up!), and put the pedal to the metal.  WHATEVER that passion is, we MUST be doing it.  If songwriting is that passion, do it.  If mechanics is your passion, do it.  If public or community service is your passion, do it.  If teaching is your passion, or medicine, counseling, business, law, engineering, acting, singing, or whatever, DO IT!  But don’t just do it … do it with PASSION!!!

I’m not saying push everything aside to live your passion, only your obstacles.  And don’t become so obsessed with your passion that you eliminate what matters most in the end - your family, friends, and your sanity.  These come first and they’ll help keep your life balanced, sane and focused.

What are your priorities?  If you’re married, then your wife or husband comes first.  If you have children, then your children come next.  If you’re working full time, is it what you WANT to be doing?  If not, why not?!  We don’t have time to waste doing things that aren’t fulfilling to ourselves and others.  If what you want to be doing is not something you can switch to right away then what steps do you have to take to get there?  Be specific.  And then DO IT!  You can’t imagine the relief you’ll feel just by taking that first step towards your passion.

Two days ago our youngest son was involved in an accident that totaled an older brother’s car but he walked away from it with only 2nd degree burns on his right wrist from the deployment of the airbag and a very shaken spirit.  To say he was scared to death is a huge understatement.  We were all very blessed that day.

Accident and serious illness survivors alike say the same thing, “I’m grateful for every new day and I cherish every moment I’m blessed with!”  What does it have to take to make us live a genuinely full and fulfilling life?  Why do most of us have to wait for a wake up call?  What if that wake up call never comes?  Or, what if it’s already come and we were “too busy” to answer it?  Too busy with every day “stuff” that insidiously eats up precious moments.

We’ve all been blessed with certain talents and abilities.  Are we using them?  For the right reasons?  Or are we going to lose them from inactivity?  The choice is ours.

I’m keeping this month’s column short, not because of Susan’s deadline (yes, Susan I know that’s important, too!), but because I have things to do.  I’ve answered my wake up call, I’m listing my priorities, and I’ll be making the necessary changes in my life in order to live it more genuinely and with more passion!

Copyright © 2006 by Jace Carlton


Jace Carlton lives in the Nashville, TN area and is a member of NSAI.  A Freelance Writer / Photographer, Poet, Author, and former Radio DJ, he now enjoys a career as a Songwriter, and a collaborator much in demand predominantly in the Country genre, but also enjoys occasionally writing for A/C, Pop, R&B, Smooth Jazz, and Cabaret.  As a Freelance Writer he has contributed reviews on new CD's to online newsletters and regularly contributed book and concert reviews along with personal commentary on the music industry to Nashville's Songwriter's Connection e-Zine.

Jace is also the creator of the Change Your Stars! website and its companion daily motivational / inspirational e-mail message that's read by over 14,000 people all over the world.  For a free subscription click here and you'll be added within 24 hours.  Privacy Statement

Comments regarding this commentary may be sent to Jace@jacecarlton.com

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