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"If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer.  Let him step to the music which he hears, however measured or far away" - Henry David Thoreau
The Return of The Renaissance Man

Renaissance Age = The revival of arts and letters in Europe, marking the transition from medieval to modern history (approximately from the 14th through the 16th centuries).

Renaissance Man = One who focused on not one, but many subjects to strive to become a master of, usually within the area of arts and letters.  This also might include many deep and passionate affairs of the heart with only the truest of intentions (thus NEVER at the same time!).  Today one might call such a person an incurable romantic.

Incurable Romantic = Jace Carlton

Jace has often been referred to as a Renaissance Man because of the many projects and pursuits he's been involved with throughout his life.

He had not one or two majors in college but THREE: Mass Communications, Psychology and History.  With his MassComm degree he specialized in two different career paths - Freelance Photojournalist and Radio DJ, expanding into sports as an award-winning play-by-play football announcer.  His specialty with his major in Psychology was Motivational Behavior resulting in a life long interest in working with people to assist them in following their dreams and achieving their highest potential.  His mentoring continues through his website "Change Your Stars!"  His degree in History taught him the valuable lesson of doing extensive research and knowing his subjects well, and this has helped him with his many freelance writing assignments and speaking engagements over the years.

Songwriter, novelist, musician, poet, photographer, freelance writer, inspirational speaker, teacher,  humanitarian, mentor, and more ... each of these paths he's followed with unquenchable PASSION!  A life filled with passion and with purpose ... to try to make the world a better place while he's here, and to hopefully leave something worthwhile behind long after he's gone.



"Throughout my life I've accomplished a lot and I've tried to do well at everything I've done.  Sometimes I've succeeded, while other times I wasn't quite so fortunate.

"I've had the opportunity to travel around and see a lot of America.  While I was still in high school I spent six weeks studying and traveling in Europe.  I won't list all of the places I've hung my hat - the list is way too long for any rational person to understand.  I've overcome the fear of public speaking but not the fear of heights.  I've loved and lost so many times I think the New Math was created long ago just for me so I could figure it out.

"Love doesn't hit everyone at the same rate of speed"
James W. Carlton

"Famous words of wisdom from my Dad when I needed them the most.

"I've learned that living and loving passionately is the only TRUE way to live, and when I was dating, if that passion wasn't returned it wasn't me, the young lady just didn't feel the same about me at the time as I did about her.  That's OK.  It wasn't at the time, but I learned and grew from each experience, and maybe they did, too.  (There were sometimes when the tables were reversed.)  Sure helped with my writing, though.  You can't write a love song until you've truly loved and been truly destroyed when things didn't go as you had hoped and prayed they would.  Sleepless nights do have their reward - volumes and volumes of tear stained notes you can pull a line from later for a song.

"I'm an incurable romantic, a sucker for chick flicks and happy endings.  Truth is, I'm the
'World's ORIGINAL Card Carrying Incurable Romantic'
and I've got the card in my wallet to prove it!"


Ultimately, when it comes right down to it, with everything that Jace is involved with, he's been asked what he would choose if he could only do one thing for his career ...

"Give me a pen or pencil and a blank sheet of paper, my guitar, a friend to write with,
and watch the magic begin!"

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