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"We are the music makers, we are the dreamers of dreams" - Arthur O'Shaughnessy

Learning to write songs
is really a matter of learning to see life with your heart's eye,
not your mind's eye.
To write well one must see correctly,
and then you'll feel the words
that will express what's in your heart.

Jace Carlton


Give me a pen or pencil and a blank sheet of paper,
my guitar and a friend to write with,
and watch the magic begin!

Jace Carlton

Which comes first, the lyrics or the melody?

Well, sometimes the lyrics and sometimes the melody.
Sometimes they even come together and that's magic!
And the magic began by accident.

Jace's earliest memories revolved around music.  His mother always had music playing in their home, and between her and his older brothers they had a pretty decent record collection with a lot of variety.

Starting at the age of seven to learn "keys", Jace hung in there through 4 years of lessons and endless hours of practicing, and then he felt it was time to move on.  His next challenge ... "sticks and skins", playing drums for 2 years.

Then came a fateful evening when Jace was 14.  In the midst of talking with his parents about the possibility of getting a complete drum set, his Dad cautiously asked him if there was any other instrument he'd like to play.  "Yeah!  GUITAR!"  When his Dad found out the difference between the cost of a guitar and a full drum set the decision was easy, and a few days later Jace was the proud owner of a new set of "strings".  The magic was just beginning!

Already an accomplished poet, Jace began trying his hand at songwriting.  And the magic hasn't stopped since!  At 16 he had 'em singing along at a youth conference in Monterey, and at 17 he thrilled audiences from San Francisco to New York, and then on to Europe with performances in London, Brussels, and several locations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.  He finished his successful trip with three SRO performances in Paris.

His writing continued through college and then subsided a bit as marriage and family and the need to "properly" provide for them began to occupy his time.  His creative juices flowed with his Freelance Photography business, and a variety of other ventures, but the music never died.

The passion was always there and in 1993 Jace was invited to be a guest DJ on the Terry McGovern morning show on San Francisco's oldies station 93.3 FM KYA.  Another dream fulfilled and a peek into the future, for Jace turned that opportunity into a career.  In less than 8 months Jace was on the radio at another San Francisco Bay Area station keeping listeners entertained during those "wonderful" Midnight - 6 am hours!

After five years of the "Midnight Ride" it was time for a new direction, or perhaps a return to his ultimate passion ... songwriting!

A lot has changed in his style and craft over the years (a file containing over 75 songs Jace wrote during high school and college has been lost so he can't make any specific comparisons), but the passion and fire are more alive today than ever before!

Jace is living his wildest dream ... Songwriter!

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